Chronic sore throat, what to do when it doesn’t go away

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Chronic sore throat, what to do when it doesn’t go away

chronic sore throat It’s a common problem. This symptom is annoying to the patient. And it may cause the patient to have to see many doctors frequently because it doesn’t get better. Some patients may need to take antimicrobial medication. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

many types for a long period of time Important things in treatment That is, you must find the cause of your chronic sore throat. and treat according to the cause. The patient’s symptoms will disappear. And there is little chance that it will come back again. Diagnosing the cause A history, physical examination, and thorough examination of the nose, sinuses, and throat are required. Most often, doctors will perform an endoscopy to examine the nose, sinuses, and throat in order to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause. 

Causes of a chronic sore throat 

1. Allergic rhinitis and non-allergic rhinitis 

This disease is caused by abnormally sensitive nasal mucosa. When exposed to stimuli, the nasal mucosa swells. Causes chronic nasal congestion gasping for breath Makes the throat mucosa dry You can have chronic sore throat. This disease also causes mucus to run down. irritated throat all the time It can cause chronic sore throat as well.

2. Chronic sinusitis

This disease will cause chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa. cause the nasal mucosa to swell have chronic nasal congestion Causing you to breathe through your mouth all the time Dry throat mucosa Have Also, secretions from the inflamed sinus and nasal passages that run down the throat. will cause inflammation irritation of the throat wall can cause as well

3. Infection of the throat and/or chronic tonsils

It is another cause of chronic sore throat. It can be caused by a bacterial infection. which are resistant to oral antimicrobials or caused by patients not taking antimicrobials for the duration they should have Or there is a source of germs in the mouth, such as tooth decay or gum disease. In addition, certain infections can cause chronic sore throats, such as certain fungal infections, tuberculosis, and leprosy. Or syphilis, however, such infections are rare.

4. Throat wall disease and/or chronic inflammation of the vocal cords

From irritation from contact with dust, cigarette smoke, spicy foods such as sour, salty, sweet, spicy, or from using the wrong sound. or caused by chronic coughing resulting in a collision of the vocal cords and overuse of the muscles of the neck wall

5. Acid reflux disease

The acid may reflux up to the wall of the throat. Inflammation of the lining and muscles of the neck wall This causes a sore throat to come and go. In addition, the patient may have a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, and mucus in the throat. or irritating the throat all the time together