4 ways to play roulette that will help make money from online casinos

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4 ways to play roulette That will help make money from online casinos, play online casinos, everyone wants money, and even more is roulette that is reputed to be easy to play without having to think much. just place a bet and win prizes But have you ever wondered why the game is easy to play? It’s why there are so few people earning money, even though it’s difficult to earn money like this. Why are people still playing? Today I’m going to take you to see why, why, and then we’ll have a way to play roulette. How can you actually make some money? สมัคร UFABET

As I said, because roulette is a gambling game that is very easy to play. That is, people who do not know how to play can come to play without using any knowledge, just like slot games. But with its ease, people play it for a long time. Some of them can’t, some of them are still living together. The longer you sit, the more valuable it will be. House Edge is no matter how lucky your hand is. If you sit too long, you will lose it back. online casino anyway

And now someone has figured out how to beat the casino too. how to play roulette What I’m about to talk about is the following. And from the test, although it doesn’t work 100%, it can help us make more money than when playing ignorant. More importantly, it doesn’t take long. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Which will have a way to play as follows

Using the Martingale formula when repeating

If anyone who has studied the Martingale formula for a while will know that it helps us to recover all lost money. As long as we have enough money to bet on. Now, when using it, we have to look at the award outline first, how it is issued, look first for 5 eyes, if it has been repeated for up to 5 eyes, for example, 5 odd eyes in a row, the next eye we will bet on a pair with the lowest bet. At the receiving table, if losing the next round, we will still bet on pairs by doubling the bet. If it loses again, then it is multiplied according to the Martingale money formula, which in 5 times there must be one time when the pair is issued. Because it is almost impossible to draw 10 consecutive odds.

Repeated stab when switching out

This formula will start to be used only when the reward results are drawn in an alternating manner, such as high, low, high, low, high, in the next hand we will bet according to the result of the last round. In my example, I will bet high on the next turn because there is less chance that the result will come out alternately like this.

Two rows of traps

Before entering this formula, we will use the method to look at the last 5 roulette lines as before. In which we will see which prizes that are issued are often issued in which rows We will select only two rows. Assuming that it appears on the 1st and 3rd rows more often than the 2nd, then we bet on the 1st and 3rd rows with the same bet. If this round comes out of one of the two rows that we bet on, we will definitely get a profit.

two-way trap

Although it sounds similar to How to play roulette in item 3, but in fact it’s different. Because we will combine both rows of bets with high and low bets. Which has a way to play as follows

First of all, you have to look at how it has a high-low record in the past round. If the same side comes out in a row, for example, 3 times high, then we bet on low, because the chances of it coming out high again are very small. Low bets are more likely to win. Then choose to stab the whole row. Which can be any row, but we mainly choose the rows that come out quite often.