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In addition to the principles of playing online slots , slots formulas are another matter that we should study. And of course, the formula that we publish is not a random formula like slot results. These formulas are analyzed. And have tried the main ones that slot players choose to use, there will be 4 formulas together, namely สมัคร UFABET

Formula 1: Fund walking formula

This formula is similar to the compound bet formula in the card betting game. Just how to play will gradually increase based on the information from the pay table. Every game will set a maximum bet. We take the number of rounds we want to play. Let’s calculate how much each eye will lose, for example, playing 100 eyes, in the first 20 eyes, it may be 50 baht per spin, during the 21-40th eye, gradually moving to 60 baht until reaching the highest point. In this way, we need a considerable amount of capital. But there are also people who successfully use this formula and win the big prize in the final round as well.

Formula 2: Choose the right game

In addition to the RTP value that we already know that must be use. When choosing which online slots game to play, there is also a matter of Re-Spin. Many people never know that there is this mode as well. Therefore, you should try to play first to see which games have some Re-Spins and then go play with real money. When playing games with Re-Spin mode, use the fixed bet method. Suppose we press spin and the symbol is on the pay line at reel 1, 3, 4, 5, only reel 2 is missing, we choose to Re-Spin only reel 2, but to use this mode we have to use a higher bet. normal But it’s worth it if it’s won.

Formula 3 Do not play slot games with Progressive Jackpot

Although this type of slots has the kind of big prizes that are life-changing. But the chances of being us are very few, much more difficult than winning the 1st prize lottery. Because part of it will be deducted into the pot to be used to exit the Progressive Jackpot.

Formula 4: Look for online slots games with Way to win payout rates.

Because this type of slot game has a higher chance of winning than the traditional payout. Pay line or pay line, because Way to Win, the winning condition is that we must have the same symbols in adjacent reels. by mainly holding the 1st wheel on the left hand side But if it’s like Pay line We must have symbols that match the pay lines placed. And sometimes you can lose your temper because the Wild symbol pushes out unusable reels like reel 1 or 5