‘Danilo’ is ready to move if he gets the right offer

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Palmeiras midfielder Danilo has insisted he is available for a move if the right opportunity arises. In the midst of interest from Arsenal, the 21-year-

old midfielder has been in the news with “Artillery” for several weeks. And earlier it was reported that they are close to reaching an agreement. Before the January transfer window kicked off,

Mikel Arteta confirmed they were looking to strengthen their squad in the winter. And it is believed that the club is ready to support the bull blood manager. To have a chance to win this season, Danilo

recently admitted that he was ready for the team to move. If the right opportunity is presented

“I think I’m old enough to play in any competition in the world, I’m ready,” he told UFABET  when asked about a potential move to Arsenal.

“But I don’t want to get involved in transferring any of these teams. I told my manager to tell me only if it’s right. Then we will negotiate with Palmeiras and make a decision that is good for all parties

. And more Gabriel Jesus in the Selecao camp as well.

“Being there with the top players in the world, the players I love, is good for me,” he added.

“It was great. I have made connections and learned a lot. I got close to Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus and Dani Alves more than ever.”