FIFA asks Qatar not to ban supporters from wearing ‘rainbow’

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the UFABET report that FIFA has been in talks with Qatar urgently to ask the host country to allow supporters to dress in the colors of the rainbow.

last monday What happened to Laura McAllister? Former Welsh women’s national football team was order by field officials to seize the rainbow hat Before attending the World Cup game In which her country meets the United States of America.

Ready to confirm that this issue will be discussed with FIFA

in the same game. American journalist Grant Wahl Revealed that they are not allow to wear shirts with rainbow stripes on the field. To which he refused Therefore. Mobile phones were confiscated and detained for 25 minutes

. In addition, reports claim that some “Uncle Sam” football fans were threaten with death. While traveling on the subway to watch the competition because they carry a rainbow flag

At the same time, video clips also appear on the online world. that a Danish journalist was qatar police order him to take off his rainbow armband While making news in front of the hotel’s football “dairy cows”

last Tuesday. The report states that FIFA has already spoken to Qatar, ready to make it clear to the host country that To abolish the policy prohibiting football fans from wearing costumes or using rainbow-colored gear.

The report adds that FIFA is deeply concerned by a number of incidents involving rainbow colours. Qatar’s organizers are expect to make an official statement on the issue within 24 hours.