Gabby holds up ‘Jude’ as the lion’s captain.

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Former Premier League star Gabriel Agbonlahor has hailed Jude Bellingham as a future England captain. “Beating Iran 6-2 , not only was Bellingham named. But Bellingham was also expected to be a regular in England’s midfield for the rest of the tournament, with Agbonlahor also. Opinion that this shin has shown that Good enough to captain the armband in the future.

“At this age, we can clearly see that he’s pointing the finger. At other players to do their duty on the pitch,” he told UFABET 

No, I actually think if you put yourself in Jude Bellingham’s shoes right now. You have for instance, [Manchester] City are going to be in for him. Real Madrid are going to be in for him, Barca are going to be in for him, Bayern will probably go in for him. 

‘There’s too much work to be done at United, It is whether he thinks “you know what. I can be the catalyst to pull this club where it should be” that is the only way he goes.

‘If he thinks he can be that guy than Man United is the club for him but I don’t see him taking that decision.’

Still this young It shows he is fit to captain England one day. He’s a leader at this age. He’s not afraid to command older professional players. And he’s the one who runs the game, isn’t he?”

“He regained the ball when we lost it. He dives forward and scores well. before he scored You start to think, ‘Is it time for (Phil) Foden to come on?’ because we just couldn’t break their defense

. And I feel like this could be his World Cup.