Man Utd terminated of “Ronaldo” without compensation

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the UFABET reports that Manchester United have terminated Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s contract without paying a single pound of compensation.

Last Tuesday night, “Red Devils” officially announced the termination of Ronaldo’s contract with the consent of both parties.

Ronaldo’s old contract at Old Trafford still has seven months remaining, with a wage of £ 500,000 per week. The total value is 16 million pounds. The

media of the elite revealed more details that United do not have to pay any compensation. All in the contract termination added that United want to end this as soon as possible. It took four days for their legal department to find Ronaldo breaching the terms of his contract. Based on two interviews with Piers Morgan.

The report also stated that Glazer family, CEO Richard Arnold and director of football John Murtough. It is who decides that Ronaldo will never return to the club.

United do not want to pay compensation to Ronaldo because they see it as looking like rewarding a player who is not loyal to the club

, however . United were reluctant to let the matter turn into a court case. Because they still see Ronaldo as one of the club’s all-time best players.

United are expected this January to enter the transfer market to find a striker to replace Ronaldo, while the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will be able to join the club for free.