Rio points out that ‘Ronaldo’ remains a ghost legend

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Rio Ferdinand believes Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s legendary status at Manchester United remains unchanged. Despite the Portuguese striker bombing the club in an interview,

United issued a statement terminating Ronaldo’s contract by mutual consent. After the latter gave a fierce interview by criticizing the whole club, team manager, including former players,

and even Ferdinand believes Ronaldo got the results he wanted from the interview. But he said the Portuguese superstar still deserves to be remembered by fans.

“I don’t think this affects or negates what Cristiano Ronaldo did. With the club – what he has achieved, legendary status, I believe that will not change.

“It measures what he was when he was in the Red Devils shirt, playing football, moments of success. And the trophies he brought to the club, becoming the best player in the world when he was at Manchester United – these things you cannot erase from history. the UFABET report

” Naldo knew exactly what he was doing when he agreed to an interview. And the result is good for both the player and Ten Hag.

“I think both sides are satisfied with the result and I think the action of Cristiano Ronaldo in the last few weeks with this interview means that this is the result he wants and aims for

. I think he got what he wanted, but Erik ten Hag got what he wanted as well. Things that have happened to the club this season, I believe Erik ten Hag deep down feels. that the team would be better without Cristiano Ronaldo.”