van Dijk wants to wear OneLove armband if it doesn’t get yellow

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Netherlands defender Virgil van Dijk He insisted he would have preferred to wear the OneLove armband if he hadn’t been shown a yellow card. After being attacked for turning aside against Senegal

, seven European nations plan to have their captain wear the OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar. to campaign for the rights of LGBT people In a country that does not liberalize this matter

However, they had to reconsider their stance. After FIFA has a policy to issue yellow cards to players who wear the armband on the field. By wearing an armband with the message No Discrimination on the field

instead If that doesn’t cause him to get a yellow card.

The Dutch were one of seven European teams, including England and Wales, who planned for their captains to wear the rainbow‑coloured OneLove armband at the World Cup.

“I play in a position where getting a yellow card is not a good thing. I am a footballer and would like to play in a tournament like this,” he told UFABET

“Some people than us are not brave enough. But it’s not that easy. We just want to play football. I want to play with that armband. But must not be exchanged for getting a yellow card.